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McCord Creek Falls

I haven't seen any pictures in this group in a while. That means I need to post some. These are from McCord Creek Falls area. You take the Columbia Gorge Scenic Hwy East until it looks like it ends. A road to the right takes you to another short section and Yeon State Park.

View across into Washington
The view across the gorge just before turning into the McCord Creek Gorge
Trees, fog and snow
Around the corner and you meet fog and snow above - Will the falls be visible?
McCord Creek Falls
McCord Creek Falls are quite visible
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Thank you.

I don't think I can ever get tired of the Columbia Gorge.
Lovely! I can't get enough of the gorge either.
There are some many things to see in the gorge. It changes so much with the change of the seasons or the weather. I love to spend more time there too.