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pdxpix's Journal

Images of Portland
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Portland, Oregon (and its surrounding areas) is a very visually rich city. There are lots of interesting things about the city, whether it involves architecture, nature, cultural events, flora, or fauna. The pdxpix community is a LJ community where people can, and are encouraged, to share their photojournals, photo essays, photographs, and images of the interesting things which give Portland area character. Whether it's a nature scene, shots of skylines, Waterfront park at night, an intense moment at a local live show, or vibrant parades, this is the place to share the various moods and energy of Portland (and its surrounding areas).

Here are some guidelines:


-Use the time-honored lj-cut feature when posting multiple photos, or one which takes up lots of screen real estate! What this will do is display all of the posts inside (or after) the tag onto a separate page (instead of loading all of the post on the main page, which can be ANNOYING when dealing with downloads of photos that take up lots of bandwidth!).

Here is a primer on how to use the LJ-cut feature.

- Try to limit the maximum width and height of images to no greater than 650 pixels (tall or wide). Some of us are using small screens to view this community.

- Include a brief description of images. It would be helpful to know where, when, how, why, and who behind the images.

- Attribute the proper credits--if you didn't take the photos yourself, please give credit where credit is due.

- check from time to time, if you have posted on this community, if your links remain valid weeks and months after posting them. A lot of times, when we switch ISPs, web-space providers, etc., we often forget to update our links.

- When appropriate, discuss the techniques and aesthetics behind photography, if you feel like (especially when others ask you). This community is an opportunity to learn about photography in (and of) Portland.

- Obtain permission from the appropriate sources if you are taking pictures on private property (i.e. clubs, restaurants, etc.). Most businesses and entities have rules about those kind of things, and some may not like their pictures taken without permission. Also, it may be a good idea to ask for permission when you are taking pictures of other people.


- Post flames, indulge in juvenile drama, and other inappropriate stuff--save those for your own journals.

- Post pornography or nude photos. The only exception to this is if it is in the context of a photo essay or a theme (such as PICA events). No, please refrain from making a "Scenes from Portland Exotic Danceterias" photo essay--there are other places on the Internet to post those kind of images, but not here.

- Post online quizzes and other fluff that belong elsewhere, like on your journal.

- Post copyrighted material on here, without obtaining prior permission from the copyright holder.

- Take the artwork posted here on this journal for the sole purpose of individual gain or profit--that is rude to the artists and photographers in this community who have graciously shared their talents and images with the rest of us. If you want to use the photos on this community for your own commercial purposes, please contact the artist and work something out with them.

- Post inane images which have nothing to do with Portland. Keep those pictures of you and your friends scarfing down a plate of sashimi at a sushi bar, your sister's wedding pictures, or anything which does not *focus* on Portland and aspects of Portland on your own journal or website. However, if those kind of photos are in the *context* of Portlandia (i.e. a photo essay about various images and moods of the Sellwood Park, which may include a picture of your sister's wedding; or an exploration into a new sushi joint in town), that is acceptable.

In short, post the personal, "vanity" pictures elsewhere.

As the moderator, I reserve the right to remove any posts which blatantly violate the guidelines. The moderator of this community is synthcat.